Individual excursion tour to monasteries St.Paul and St.Anthony, El Gouna

As strange as it sounds, but Egypt - the cradle of Christian monasticism. It is here that the most ancient monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul, which annually attracts a huge number of pilgrims from all over the world.

Anthony the Great, Reverend, is the founder of hermit monks, his feast day is celebrated on 30 January. Anthony was born in a noble Coptic family. From an early age he was noted for exceptional piety. When Anthony reached the age of twenty, he was orphaned. Having given all the property he inherited after parents and entrusting the care about sister of decent virgins, he devoted his life to serving God. Anthony lived for about 20 years in seclusion, first living in a cave near his village, and then in the ruins of military fortifications in Pispire. Then Anthony by popular demand interrupted his privacy and organized community of monks, ascetics. After the death of Anthony, the monks erected the world's oldest Christian monastery and the place of his burial church was built.

Monastery of St. Paul of Thebes is interesting too. It was founded in memory of one of the most famous Egyptian saints and hermits who lived about eighty years in a cave. As well as Anthony, Paul had rich parents. Paul was orphaned at age 16, and distributed his property, also devoted himself to the service of God. Till the age of one hundred and thirteen years, Paul lived in a cave, dressed in a tunic made of palm leaves and eat half of bread a day, which daily brought crows. Monastery founded beside a cave in which he lived.

You will also visit one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, El Gouna, which is called the Egyption Venice.

Take with you to the excursion: comfortable shoes, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insurance policy.
Weekday of the excursion: Every day
Time of the excursion: Any time
Price for the group from 1 to 3 pax: 200$
Price for the group from 4 to 10 pax: 350$