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Going into one of the most mysterious and ancient countries of the world, Egypt, you can be sure that with Best Trips you go to the most exciting and interesting excursions of this country full of wonders.

Hurghada, which is among the top ten tourist destinations, offers excellent beaches with warm sand and unique Red Sea. Its coral reefs with a unique underwater ecosystem rightfully occupy a leading position in the world. An amazing crystal clear water makes it easy to explore the underwater world full of magic for divers and those who prefer snorkelling. For those who can not swim, for whatever reasons, the company Best Trips offers explore the underwater world from the large windows specially equipped submarine.Hurghada has a lot of beautiful coral reefs are at a relatively short distance from the shore, and thanks to the Big Island Giftun, which shuts Hurghada from winds and strong currents, there are ideal conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving at any time of the year. Best Trips is constantly concerned about how to provide its guests with the highest level of service and offer exciting new programs.

But Hurghada - is not only a superb beaches and Red Sea, that stunning warm at any time of the year. Hurghada stands at the crossroads of two powerful elements - the sea and the desert. In the desert you can know yourself, desert keeps many questions and answers, it beckons and frightens its grandeur and infinity. Going to one of the excursions into the desert with Best Trips, you get a lot of unforgettable experiences and, of course, to fully enjoy the trip by jeep or ATV, as well as familiarity with the magical culture of the Bedouins, the original inhabitants of the desert. You can choose program that the most suitable and interesting for you.

Egypt - a country with a rich cultural and historical heritage, is one of the most ancient civilizations that left their indelible mark on the history of mankind. Company Best Trips will be happy to guide you in this exciting and full of secrets and surprising discoveries world history and culture of Egypt. Egypt - a unique compilation mysterious Pharaonic era, the rich Islamic culture and ancient Christian heritage. Lots of different cultures have left their mark on the history and culture of Egypt. Interesting and diverse historical and cultural programs offered by Best Trips, will help reveal Egypt a new way.