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It is believed that the birthplace of cotton - Egypt. There is evidence that the Egyptians have for 2500 years BC were able to make fabrics of the highest quality. Mummies of Egyptian pharaohs were wrapped in tissue density of more than 500 threads per inch. For example, best English tissue this type today have a density of 350 threads per inch.

Technology did their job, and at the moment Egyptian cotton is considered the most high quality. Only in Egypt grow long staple cotton (35-45 mm). This cotton is natural, long staple, mercerized with a very beautiful finish. Cotton in Egypt, one of the best in the world. In the US, 40% cotton imports carried out from Egypt. In the material is not any chemical additives or impurities. Egyptian cotton is completely clean and belongs to the upper class quality.

In the shop Cotton flower you can find high-quality items made of cotton at a very affordable price. Here you can buy towels, napkins, bed linen, shirts, tunics, robes and other clothing made of cotton.

Cotton linens sold in shop Cotton flower, often decorated with embroidery, applique. Rare tourist can resist the temptation to buy a set of the bed linen. Especially because the price is quite reasonable. Linens and towels are made of cotton stay beautiful and strong are very long, 5-8 years. In addition to linen, terry robes and sheets, fluffy towels and shirts, in the shop Cotton flower you can buy wonderful cotton bedspreads.

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