1001 Nights show, singing fountains

Entertainment show "A Thousand and One Nights" - bright fascinating spectacle featuring acrobats, jugglers and folk dancers, which takes place in a beautiful palace that really immersed you in ancient tales Shahrazad. The complex build in the Eastern fairy-tale style, framed by "dancing" fountains with beautiful lighting.

Show consists of two parts. Both shows are held in different locations. In the first part of the arena complex, you will see the whole history of Egypt from the time of the pharaohs and you will witness the spectacular equestrian stunts. The second part of the show takes place in a cafe with a large area in the middle where you can see a traditional Egyptian men's dance with skirt, Tanura, and enjoy the sounds of the national melodies.

The aroma of hookahs and Arabic music, and oriental beauties will make you crazy from belly dancing. You will feel that the fairy tale come true.

Dancing fountains will delight you multicolor beauty to the sounds of classical music, it's indescribable dance of water and light.

Take with you to the excursion: photo and videocamera.
Weekday of the excursion: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Time of the excursion: 20.30-23.30
Price adult: 25$
Price child: 13$